Grace Place

Grace Place is our morning shelter for those living on the margins. Open from 8:30-10:00 a.m. weekday mornings - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (closed Tuesdays), GP provides a place of rest and respite for those that call the streets their home.

Grace Place Offers

  • Coffee and a hot meal on Monday, Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday
  • “To-go” snack bags when needed
  • Hygiene Items on Thursdays
  • Clothes Closet on Thursdays
  • Worship and Communion on Wednesdays
  • Phone usage
  • Agency and community contact referrals

The Grace Place Mission Statement:
(Formed March 2014)

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Grace Place recognizes the dignity of all persons by seeking authentic grace filled relationships that transcend traditional social boundaries. We re-connect with persons who are often ignored. Centered in God’s love we seek spiritual, mental and physical healing. We love each other in the midst of difficult life challenges in the hope of Christ centered transformation.

The Foundery at Galloway

The Grace Place ministry was founded at Galloway in 2007 and has grown exponentially since its beginnings. What started as passing out a snack bag through the door has grown to serving 75-100 individuals each weekday and serving more than 20,000 meals and snacks a year. As the ministry grew it quickly became evident that more space was needed if the ministry was to expand! After a nearly four-year process, Galloway purchased and renovated the United Methodist Conference building on the corner of Congress Street and Mississippi Street. This building was the only available space for Galloway to expand, with Smith Park and our State Capitol on either side of the existing church property. Galloway’s congregation was given the opportunity to make name suggestions for the building and the decision was made to call the new building “The Foundery at Galloway.” This name emphasizes the rich heritage we have as Methodists, reminding us of our beginnings as a denomination and calling us to action.

The Foundery in London was one of the early Methodist bases for works of piety and mercy. In 1738 John Wesley, founder of Methodism, purchased a building formally used for casting cannon and organized one of the first Methodist societies there. In addition to religious services other ministries occurred on the premises such as child care, a clothing source, a school, a publishing house and weekly prayer meetings. Just as the early Foundery first repurposed metal then under Wesley, repurposed lives. It is our hope The Foundery at Galloway becomes a recognized name in our community as a space that through God’s grace transforms all people into Disciples of Christ.

The first floor of this spacious building has been extensively renovated to be a multifunctional “ministry space.” This area has been designed specifically for the Grace Place needs and currently is reserved for Grace Place each weekday morning. After Grace Place hours, it is Galloway’s intention for this space to be used by many and serve as a “hub of mission” for the downtown area. A wide expansive floor-to-ceiling window view of our state’s Capitol spans the entire north wall of this building, providing our guests one of the prettiest scenic views of downtown Jackson. Currently, after the Grace Place Ministry, this space is used for in-house gatherings and meals on Wednesday and Sunday nights with various church meetings thoughout the day. Outside groups such as Mission Mississippi, Transformation Jackson, and others use this ideal space to host monthly meetings or special dinners. The space is equipped with a commercial state-of-the-art kitchen. We have also hosted two visiting mission groups,who slept on pallets on the second floor, and came to do inner city mission work in downtown Jackson. It truly is multi functional space! At present, the second floor houses the Grace Place Clothes Closet and provides overflow storage. It is our desire that the now vacant offices will one day house “tempotsty” or satellite offices for other community agencies and non profits serving the Grace Place population. The space will allow room to offer needed services on a rotating basis such as health care clinics, space for training or job interviews, etc.

If you’ve not visited the Foundery, stop by any week day morning (with the exception of Tuesday) and see Grace Place in full swing! It truly is a ministry of God’s Grace in transformative action! We would love to share the opportunity and the space with you. Who knows, you just may be transformed too!

Feed My Sheep

Sunday 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.: Muffins, coffee and juice are served to our friends who call the streets their home.

For more information contact Mission & Outreach Ministry at 601-326-3449.